3 30 megalith MENEC withLines curvesCarnac

The name of this little town in Brittany, France, is commonly used to describe the megalithic complex within which it sits, on the western edge of, and close on, The Western Alignments, the most famous stone row monument in the world. Lying at the start of the most famous of three sets of such "alignments", lies the hamlet of Le Menec, partly within the massive Western Cromlech (a stone "egg"). To the east, at the end of the three alignments, lies Le Manio, with its Geant (giant) menhir and Quadrilateral, whose northern kerb aligns to maximum northern moonrise in the east, and to a menhir L, west of the cromlech. I have interpretations of the Le Menec Cromlech, Western Alignments and Le Manio: all part of an astronomical enterprise punctuating time counting with observed horizon events of the sun and moon. see also my book Sacred Number and the Lords of Time.

Title Created Date
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Early Numeracy at Table des Marchands 31 March 2018
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Megalithic application of numeric time differences at Le Manio 07 February 2018
Musical Tones of the Outer Planets 30 October 2017
Le Manio: How ancient maths manipulated factors 15 October 2016
Le Manio’s Three Years Count 11 November 2015
The Origins of Megalithic Astronomy at Le Manio 09 November 2015
Deeper Astronomical Relationships within Carnac's Metrology 26 October 2015
What stone L9 might teach us 11 July 2015
Gavrinis: Searching for Lunar Nodes rather than Extremes 19 January 2015
Gavrinis: Diagram of the Saros-Metonic Cycle 15 November 2014
Megalithic Films of Carnac, Brittany from 2004 26 August 2014
Introduction to Le Manio's Quadrilateral: Hanging on the Moon 09 March 2014
Gavrinis: Looking South 26 January 2014