Robin Heath

Robin at Dolmen Llech y Drybedd 540

Robin is author, fellow megalithic researcher and my brother. He lives in West Wales and is a particular specialist in Stonehenge, British alignments, West Wales megalithic and Alexander Thom.


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Title Created Date
Harmonic Astronomy within Seascale Flattened Circle 10 July 2018
The Measure of Albion: Lost Science of Prehistoric Britain (2004) 09 September 2016
Temple in the Hills (2016) 09 September 2016
Proto STONEHENGE in Wales 09 September 2016
Robin Heath on the 364 day 'Saturnian' Year 23 August 2016
A Story of Three Similar Triangles 29 September 2015
Sun, Moon and Earth, Heath (Robin): 1999-2006 05 April 2014
Alexander Thom: Cracking the Stone Age Code 05 April 2014
Bluestone Magic 05 April 2014
Heath, Robin 04 April 2014